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With so many types of toner supplies and toner cartridges, our quick finder app can really help you find the product you’re looking for faster.

Toner is made from a carbon powder melt mixed with a polymer. It is used in laser printers, which heat the toner and bind it to the paper. Low-cost carbon toner was originally produced in bottles that were poured in by the user, but most current machines now use toner cartridges.

Toner supplies can come in multiple colours or just one.

If you have trouble adding your toner supplies to your printer and accidentally spill some on yourself, it can be washed off of skin and garments using cold water. Warm or hot water will cause the toner to fuse to your skin or clothing. While it will eventually come off your skin once bonded, it can only very rarely be removed from cloth.

Because toner cartridges seal the powder inside plastic, spilling accidents are far less likely.

Each printer uses a specific type of toner or toner cartridge. Be sure to purchase the right one for your printer.

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